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Vayikra: Finding Anchor in A Raging Sea

Who could have imagined this current pandemic. Billions of people in full or partial lockdown. The worlds largest economy has come to a sudden, screeching halt. People around the world are frightened and anxious. Millions of people are losing their jobs. Many countries have closed their schools. Our personal lives have been profoundly disrupted. In times of crisis we all look for an anchor, like a boat in a raging sea. As Jews we reconnect with our people and rediscover our faith in G-d. In times of uncertainty we seek clarity. In moments of panic we look for hope. When we are confused and bewildered we search for meaning. The secret of our survival as a people is attributed to our unwaverin

Vayakhel-Pekudei: A New Dimension To The Word Disruption

Who would have believed that we would witness what is going on in the world today? A pandemic sweeping across the world profoundly altering the way in which society lives. No one amongst us knows how this event will change our lives in the future. A new dimension to the word disruption! There are multi levels where our lives have changed. Hundreds of millions of people are currently working from home. Children around the world are not going to school. Traveling has all but ceased. Even synagogues around the world have been shut down. We are clearly living in times which are unprecedented. How should we as Jews behave during such times? What is the guidance from our Torah in dealing with prof

Ki Tisa: Why The Panic?

Why are we so afraid of the Coronavirus? Yes the disease could be deadly, but the global panic seem to be beyond all proportion of the actual risks. Over $10 trillion has been wiped off global stocks in recent weeks. International travel has been severely disrupted. Schools in many countries have closed. To be clear, all guidance from health experts should be strictly adhered to. Judaism places great emphasis on health and legislates accordingly. We must certainly not do anything which might put others at risk. But why the global panic? The most frightening dynamic of the Coronavirus is its contagious power. A panic is caused when we all feel vulnerable. One person sneezes in Wuhan, China an

Tetzaveh: Infecting The World With Positive Energy

Rarely does an event grip the minds and hearts of people around the world as the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus. It’s global impact continues to cause profound disruption to the global economy and financial markets. Travel restrictions and the curtailment of public gatherings are impeding everyday life. No doubt there are many lessons to be learnt. The Baal Shem Tov put it succinctly when he said, “Everything a person sees or hears is a lesson in how we can better serve G‑d”. The whole world becomes our classroom with G-d conveying direct messages to each and every one of us. Sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes not so subtle. The panic caused by the coronavirus is due primarily to its c



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