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Some words conjure up inside of us very powerful and profound feelings. The word home is one such word. All human beings long for a place they can call home.

How would you define the word home?

Let me suggest the following:

Number one, home is a place where you can truly be yourself without any inhibition. Number two; it is a place where no matter who you are they will let you in.

In this week’s Torah portion, G-d asks the Jewish people to build for him a home on this earth by building for him a sanctuary. Our sages explain that in addition to a purpose-built building, G-d would like to reside in the hearts of each and every Jew. In other words, he wants to be made to feel at home. A place where he can truly express himself.

If we stop for a moment to think about this, it is truly astounding. For G-d is in fact saying that I do not have a home upon this earth, and therefore I would like you, the Jewish people, to provide me with one. In other words, create for me a space where I can truly express myself.

How is this done? How do we, each and every one of us, create a space where G-d can really feel at home?

The answer lies in the name of this week's Torah portion; Terumah, which means, contribution. This teaches us, that the only way for us to build a sanctuary for G-d upon this earth, is through the generosity of spirit we show towards others, by making a "contribution".

The lesson for us is very clear and simple. If we would like G-d to truly feel at home inside of our hearts, we must in turn open our hearts to others and make them truly feel at home, whether this may be in our home on a literal level or in our hearts.

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