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Discovering Clarity in a World of Confusion and Uncertainty

How safe do you feel in the current climate? Are you afraid of the future? What type of world do you think our children will inhabit? There’s no doubt that a cloud of uncertainty is descending upon us. Disruption, be it in the world of technology, politics or economics seems to be the new trend. Think of the profound psychological impact this is having on young people today. What are we, as responsible parents doing to help our children respond to these most challenging times ahead. A wise man once shared with me what his mentor had advised him as a young lawyer. He said “Never take on a case unless you have clear sight of the end game”. He explained, because no legal case ever goes according to plan. There are many surprises along the way, and sometimes these shocks knock you off your feet. As long as you can see your ultimate goal, you have a much better chance to rise up again and continue on your path. Your life’s goal is your life’s purpose. G-d created you because he and the entire world needs you to add value to the lives of others. It is the reason G-d created you notwithstanding the fact that there are 7.6 billion people in the world. Something 7.6 billion people cannot achieve without you. Mark Twain summed this up brilliantly when he coined the phrase “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. Historically the Jewish people have felt compelled to make a difference. In fact this need is embedded in the core of their souls. As long as we are not in touch with our “why” we will never realize our true potential. We may be “successful” but we will never feel fulfilled. Once we discover that sense of purpose, our journey in life becomes ever more focused. We now have a clearer sense of direction which permeates and guides every part of our lives. We become mission oriented and consequently less prone to distraction or confusion. Discover your “why” and you will unleash a quantum leap of energy and focus such as you have never experienced. The above is dedicated to the Lubavitcher Rebbe - the anniversary of his passing we commemorate tomorrow - who inspired hundreds of thousands to discover their “why”.

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