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Vayikra: Finding Anchor in A Raging Sea

Who could have imagined this current pandemic. Billions of people in full or partial lockdown. The worlds largest economy has come to a sudden, screeching halt.

People around the world are frightened and anxious. Millions of people are losing their jobs. Many countries have closed their schools. Our personal lives have been profoundly disrupted.

In times of crisis we all look for an anchor, like a boat in a raging sea. As Jews we reconnect with our people and rediscover our faith in G-d.

In times of uncertainty we seek clarity. In moments of panic we look for hope. When we are confused and bewildered we search for meaning.

The secret of our survival as a people is attributed to our unwavering faith in G-d. We all sense deep down inside of us that He is always in full control. From the macro events throughout history, to guiding the electron trajectory in each and every atom.

There is no greater clarity and a sense of security than that. Our challenge is to internalise our innate faith by being more mindful of this on a daily basis.

We also know deep within our hearts that he loves each and every one of us. As in the words of the prophets “I love you, says G-d”. He is also watching over all of us at all times. As King David writes “He neither slumbers nor sleeps”.

At the same time we must search for the silver lining which we believe must exist beneath the surface.

All disruption brings new opportunities. This dynamic has been embedded by G-d into the very fabric of history from the beginning of time.

In these unprecedented circumstances we are all being compelled to reset our values. Clearly our framework and method of evaluation has proven inaccurate. Our focus and prioritisation on materialism is the main cause of much of this upheaval in our personal lives. The metric for measuring value must be of a more intrinsic nature. Something that is not fleeting but stands the test of time.

No doubt during these trying times we are all reflecting on our values and priorities. Discovering the beauty of healthy relationships. Recognising the importance of trust and collaboration. Aligning ourselves with a purpose which is greater than ourselves. Becoming more aware of the nutritional needs of our soul.

Takeaway: Each morning ask yourself; how can I add value to others?


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