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What's Happening?

As humans, we seek to understand the world around us, believing in a design within life's tapestry and the patterns of history. Yet, there are moments when we're baffled by people's actions and dismayed by events.

These are undoubtedly turbulent times, marked by profound disruptions driven by scientific and technological progress. In a world of uncertainty, finding peace and security becomes challenging.

Amidst change, there's a timeless dimension called "infinity," symbolized by the number 8 (∞), contrasting with the finite world represented by the number 7. 

In this week's Torah portion, "Shemini," meaning "Eight," we're reminded of this transcendent reality.

As Jews, our task is to bridge these worlds, infusing the finite with timeless values of infinity. Life is inherently disruptive, especially in an era where change occurs rapidly and globally, often overwhelming our ability to adapt.

Our only recourse is to rediscover and reconnect with enduring values that define our identity—values that have withstood the tests of time and circumstance, uniting us as a nation under God's light, a beacon for all nations.

Yosef Vogel


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