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Metzora: Can One Take The Exile Out Of The Jew?

Do you feel that your inner spirit is stifled?

How much of your potential have you actually realised? What does it take to unleash our true potential?

Human beings have been endowed by G-d with a wellspring of spiritual energy. We all have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things. However, there are many barriers that prevent the expression of our potential.

The truly great barriers are internal. They are either of an emotional, mental or even a spiritual nature. Whether It be fear of failure or criticism. Or we are afraid that our success might cause hostility and envy in others. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence in our abilities to achieve great things.

The Jewish people have endured more then it’s fair share of traumatic experiences throughout its history. Our parents and grandparents witnessed perhaps the single most traumatic event, the Holocaust, in all of history. Yet our people have survived and rebuilt.

However the exilic mentality is still embedded in our psyche. We don’t think or behave like free people. We are defensive when arguing for our rights. We are apologetic in maintaining our values. We are afraid to live according to our traditions. We do not dare to imagine or expect freedom and security for our people as all other sovereign nations enjoy.

As the saying goes “You can take the Jew out of exile”. The question is, can one take the exile out of the Jew?

If history is correct, than the answer is: Yes we can. Just as we have been liberated in the past, so too will we be liberated in the future.

The key to our freedom lies in our own hands. It all depends on us.

We begin this journey by discovering our true identities. Who we are and why we are here. We must then think and behave consistently with that in mind. We don’t allow for anything or anyone to undermine us. We are true to ourselves. We are true to our history.

In doing so we begin to unleash a spirit that will eventually dispel all the forces that try to intimidate the Jewish people from being free once again.

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