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Acharei: Why Are You Stressed?

No one likes stress. We do our utmost to avoid it.

Stress is when competing forces are in a state of clash.

It undermines our innate disposition, which naturally always seeks alignment.

What causes this misalignment? How do we overcome this?

Like most things, its origins are subtle.

We want to help someone else. But we are thinking about ourselves.

We would like to resolve a disagreement in a relationship, yet we expect any reconciliation to revolve around us.

We like to be kind to others, but with minimal sacrifice of self.

There is only one solution to all this tension.

It is to allow our true selves to shine. To unleash that pure and innocent energy against which there is no resistance.

This is the meaning of the word holy. In simple terms: A perfect alignment of self with a transcendent unifying force.

It’s not about the individual player, it’s about the team.

It’s not just about the benefit of your family, it’s about the good of the greater community.

It’s not just about what’s in the best interest of your people, it’s about what best serves mankind.

When next engaged in a disagreement, try to find a solution which transcends the narrow interest of each party.

Look for a transcendent cause, against which all individuals can align their interest.

It may seem to be overwhelming at first. Yet each time we attempt this, it will become more natural.

Try it. The upside is huge!


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