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Antidote to Moral Chaos

Israel is at War.

But the battle to protect and defend the Jewish people and the land of Israel is upon us all!

Our indivisibility becomes apparent to everyone in an interconnected and interdependent world.

Indeed, the outpouring of solidarity among Jews across the widest spectrum, both geographically and ideologically, is serving as the backbone of our strength and courage during these challenging times.

However, perhaps an even greater battle is the moral and ideological struggles taking place in our educational institutions around the world!

As usual, our prophet Isaiah succinctly and sadly describes the current situation. He said, 'Those who call evil good and good evil; who present darkness as light and light as darkness; who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter!' (Isaiah 5:20)

The same prophet Isaiah also best captured the mission and purpose of the Jewish people in those immortal words, 'A light unto the nations'. It is here that he provides the antidote for moral chaos.

Simply put, the Jewish people are designated as mentors for the spiritual and moral guidance of the entire world.

Civilization depends on it.

Nature abhors a vacuum! The minds and hearts of the rising generation are desperately looking for universal and timeless values (enumerated in this week’s Torah portion) They are crying out for a sense of purpose.

At Mount Sinai, we, the Jewish people, were chosen to serve as G-d's ambassadors to all mankind. This is our raison d'être. Civilization depends on it.

It’s why we were created.

It’s what we do best.

It's what the world expects of us.

Especially now.

Yosef Vogel


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