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Behaalotecha: The Secret Behind Longevity

There is something magical about the flame. It’s glow and warmth are awe inspiring and touch us in a profound way.

Have you ever wondered why we are so taken by it’s sight?

One of the most unsettling conditions we experience, is when we are gripped with doubt and confusion.

It’s impact on our ability to live a healthy and productive life is profound.

Clarity on the other hand, allows for our humanity to shine. All our good traits are more optimal as a result.

So too with friendship. Is it the cornerstone of a healthy life.

We live longer and happier when we are able share our lives with other. This is scientifically proven.

It is like the oxygen of the soul.

These two features of friendship and clarity are best captured by the flame.

It is why this metaphor was chosen by King Solomon to describe the soul.

A flame provides warmth where it is cold. It also illuminates where it is dark.

Warmth is friendship. It is the ability to offer empathy and kindness when one is feeling cold and isolated.

Both these traits are powerfully captured by the flame.

It is why each and every one of us has a sacred duty to help each human being to shine their own unique light.

The bright warm flame always shines brightly. Only sometimes there are superficial layers which conceal its light.

Our job is to enable that radiance and warmth to burst through the veneer. We can achieve this through unconditional love which breaks through all barriers.


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