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Bo: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

A prominent business leader recently remarked “A group's talents are more fruitful when its members know each other's strengths and weaknesses”.

Deep down we are all looking for greater collaboration in our lives, both personally and professionally.

The challenge however, lies in firstly acknowledging (and fully appreciating) our weaknesses.

Secondly, one needs enormous courage in confronting our inner demons, with the intention of eliminating them.

The wise (and courageous) approach would be to first discover the underlying negative forces within us.

Our Chassidic Masters have identified this as ‘arrogance’. It is they believe the root of all evil.

Even a brilliant Talmudic scholar cannot coexist with G-d, if he is arrogant.

We must constantly examine our motives by asking ourselves, who is the primary beneficiary of the life we live.

Am I selfish at the core of my being?

Am I the centre of the equation?

What is the purpose of my relationship with friends?

What inspires me to help others?

Why do I want my kids today to be successful?

Indeed it’s a scary journey to discover the bad and ugly inside of us. It is very normal to be afraid of what we will find.

However, it is the only way to begin to liberate ourselves from our greatest enemy.

It is the enemy within us who seeks to stifle the divine spirit at the core of our being.

A spirit which allows for powerful collaboration and synergies to be achieved.


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