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Forget About Arriving

"Go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house, to the land that I will show you.”

Why doesn’t G-d tell Avraham where to go?

There is so much description on what He was to leave behind, and absolutely nothing about where He was to arrive.

There was so much focus on what to move on from, and little about where to move to.

This is the magic about movement.

When I was little, I attended Ballet classes. The first thing we learnt was about body positions and postures, framing and stances. I often wondered, if dancing was all about movement, why spend so much time practicing being still?

My instructor used to tell us that we had to learn what to break out of. Dancing only begins when you release yourself from a previous position. And you do this over and over again.

The instruction to Avraham and therefore to all of us, is to focus on what to free ourselves from. To exercise leaving behind the limiting ideas and perceptions we have on life. To unlearn our natural insecurities and fears. To evolve from people who move but go nowhere. To become people who are constantly going.

But how can we have the confidence to leave the comforts of our habits and our past, if we are so uncertain of the future?

This is the second part of G-d’s command. “To the land that I will show you.”

G-d tells us, don't worry, I am a part of your journey. As long as you’re transcending your inhibitions, emotional patterns and the people who hold you back, you are doing exactly what G-d wants, and therefore whatever you see in front of you, that is exactly what G-d wants you to see. At that point in your journey, G-d is extending a hand. All the challenges, the hurdles and the opportunities. G-d is showing you these very things.

Keep surpassing the regular requirements. Focus on what to outgrow, keep outperforming yourself. G-d will meet you in the unknown. As soon as you unlearn the limiting perceptions you have placed upon yourself, that is exactly when G-d reveals to you, you.

And there’s even more.

G-d's statement to Avraham is a constant. It is a perpetual instruction with no expiry date. It is the mission statement of all human beings who are seeking to live. This wasn’t about taking one journey; this was about taking one more journey. Every single day.

The more you travel, the more I will show you. And the more you see, the more you will journey toward your truest self. Forget about arriving.

Be humble and keep moving.

This is the most gratifying kind of journey.


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