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Noso: Creating Alignment With Your Purpose

It’s no secret that all of us are profoundly affected and deeply inhibited by fear.

It is possibly the most debilitating force in our lives.

So what can be done? How does one even begin to deal with fear and anxiety?

It’s a huge and super complex subject. I would just like to offer a positive antidote.

The root cause of fear is when we feel that our lives are threatened.

The way we can work at overcoming our fears is to more deeply connect with the source of all life which is eternal.

At the core of our being and identify there is a soul which is intimately connected with that source of eternal life.

Nothing can truly intimidate this infinite force, as it transcends time and place.

Our challenge is to allow for our true identity to express itself through our behavior.

We can do this by finding meaning and purpose in everything we do.

By doing so we become more anchored to our source of life which cannot be threatened by anything finite.

When we indulge purely for the sake of physical pleasure we are severing the object and experience from its source of life.

A Mitzvah (good deed) is the exact opposite. It is the act of creating a connection between an object or experience and its purpose.

By doing so we are infusing each moment and experience with life as it is connected to infinity.

The more of these “connections” we make, the more our lives become anchored and empowered with a powerful force which cannot be intimidated.


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