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Parshat Va'eira: Child Of Holocaust Survivor Brings Life and Healing To The World

Human beings are profoundly attracted towards contrasting imagery.

Any image with a stark contrast, particularly light and dark, will capture our interest.

Perhaps this is so because, what we see outside of ourselves reflects what exists within.

Consequently, we are given an opportunity to know ourselves better, by observing more carefully what we see.

We all sense that we are here for a purpose. Maybe this can be described as our “sixth sense”.

We know deep down that we were born into this world to fulfil a mission.

Perhaps our profound intrigue with the stark contrast of light and dark, is in indicator of the nature of our purpose in this world.

Life in all its facets is comprised of ‘light’ and ‘dark’.

But the greater the ‘dark’, the brighter the ‘light’.

The images we see outside of us, are a reflection of the picture within us.

The good news is each of us can sharpen the contrast of our own individual pictures.

Our particular role, as Jews, is to focus on brightening the ‘light’. This can only emerge from a greater darkness.

We do so, when we internalize the belief that the very purpose of darkness itself, is for it to be transformed into light.

This idea was so beautifully illustrated, when many became aware that the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, is a child of Holocaust survivors.

His parents, both witnesses to the almost complete annihilation of their Jewish community in Thessaloniki, Greece, gave birth to a son, who is currently so instrumental in bringing life and healing to millions of people around the world.

“A little bit of light dispels much darkness”.


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