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Vayakhel-Pekudei: Finding the Matching Pieces in the Puzzle Of Life!

Flow is the state of optimal consciousness which allows for complete presence of mind.

No competing force can infiltrate or even distract our attention when we are in “the zone.”

This state of flow is even more powerful when experienced in a group setting.

Have you ever watched a sports team play a crucial game, particularly when having to overcome a great deficit?

There is something awe inspiring in the seamless flow of creative spirit and powerful energy between all players on the team.

Deep down we all aspire to experience life at its fullest.

To be mindful and present in the moment.

To switch off all the noise and distractions coming from the useless information and mindless pleasures.

We seek to experience this state of flow both as individuals and in our relationships with family and friends.

But how does one achieve this state of flow, especially in a world filled with deafening noise and alluring distractions.

The key word is ‘listen.’

The beginning of any journey starts from within.

Take time out each day to discover the voice within you. And listen very carefully to its sound and message.

Spend time by yourself, getting to know yourself.

No one likes being ignored, especially you yourself, by yourself.

Only once you’re able to listen to yourself, will you be in a position to listen carefully to others.

Group flow is magical. But it can only be achieved when we learn the art of listening.

To cancel out our own thoughts and agendas.

To let go of our insecurities and surrender to someone else’s voice.

Listen carefully to what they are saying. Get to know them.

Each of us is one piece in the same grand puzzle.

First, we have to fully get to know and appreciate our individual piece in the puzzle.

Once we do this, we can get to know other pieces in the puzzle.

At this point we can then achieve that magical experience.

One, where an awe-inspiring image begins to emerge from the coming together of millions of disparate parts of the puzzle.

Our mission in life is to find the right pieces and put them together.

We can do so by surrendering to a magical vision which is so much greater than any specific part of the puzzle.


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