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Parshat Vayera: Get To ‘Know’ The ‘Unknown’

We’ve all been hit hard. A new wave has emerged. How many more? Is this the new normal?

How does one adapt to this new reality? If only we had more visibility, we could better manage the risk. But how does one map a path in a climate of profound uncertainty.

Donald Rumsfeld famously said: “There are known knowns; there are known unknowns; then there are unknown unknowns”.

How does one make a plan in a world of known unknowns; let alone in one of “unknown unknowns”?

It could be said that this very challenge is our mission in life. It is the very purpose for which each and every one of us was born.

The world operates on two levels. On the surface they are misaligned. They could even clash with one another.

Yet on a deeper level, each dimension of existence compliments the other.

These two levels are known by many names. Simply, they could be referred to as the ‘natural’ order and the ‘supernatural’.

As rational beings we intrinsically operate within the ‘natural’ framework. We use our intelligent minds to navigate through life. This world cannot tolerate anything outside or beyond.

At the same time, we sense a world beyond this one. A force which both transcends and permeates all existence.

Call it ‘wonder of science’ or even ‘miraculous’. We’ve all been subject to such a moment, when the intelligent mind cannot absorb an experience.

Our mission in life is to unlock the ‘miraculous’ within the ‘ordinary’. To discover the ‘unknown’ force of life embedded within the natural framework.

We do this by allowing our timeless Jewish values to illuminate our paths. Even as we take one step at a time or one day at a time.

Our purpose in this world is to add value to the best of our ability in the lives of others.

Our objective each day is to seek out every opportunity to do so.

We do this by playing to our strengths. By using our unique talents and circumstances.

To remember that each encounter is divinely engineered for every individual to discover meaning in what seems to be random.

Our challenge as Jews is to get to ‘know’ the ‘unknown’. To allow its light to illuminate our path, ensuring greater security and tranquility in our lives.

Dedicated by Keith & Lauren Breslauer and Family

"In Memory of Shmuel Ben Yosef (Samuel Adwar), A Proud Zionist and Yemenite Jew"


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