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Sukkot: The Path To True Joy

There are words which have lost their value. Even their meaning has become obscure. One such word is humility, a rare trait in our times. Certainly not an aspiration for most. Not something taught in our educational institutions. Perhaps this explains why in an age of such affluence there is so little joy of life. What a shame. The mystics explain that humility is the precondition to all divine flow and spiritual energy. It is the the most pristine state of consciousness as it is devoid of all self awareness. It’s not about thinking less of yourself. It’s about thinking of yourself less. This can only be achieved when we surrender our narrow individual concerns - even holy ones - to a cause greater than ourselves. When all our interests both within and without are aligned with that cause. This certainly goes against our natural inclination. Aren’t we all inherently selfish? In truth however, this is a distortion of reality. Our core essence is a “spark of G-d” which senses the oneness of the universe and all of mankind. The challenge is to allow that awareness to penetrate through our selfish instincts which inhibit its flow. It is only once we experience this pristine state of consciousness when we discover true joy. Joy is not a trait like all others. Just like humility is not. Humility is the negation of self. Joy is it’s natural consequence.


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