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The Rebbe's Parting Message

Is it possible for someone to experience trauma and not realize it?

Psychologists believe that one can develop symptoms of PTSD even if one does not have any explicit memory of the trauma itself. 

According to the research, Anxiety Disorders are the most prevalent mental illness in the United States, impacting more than 40 million adults. 

The increase in anxiety disorders is believed by many to be caused by environmental threats, socioeconomic instability, and political uncertainty. 

In the winter of 1992, the Rebbe distributed his last Chassidic discourse to the public, in which he conveyed a most remarkable message.

He suggested that the world would enter an era where it would experience profound disruption. 

The explanation he offered was both insightful and awe-inspiring. 

He said that deep down, every Jew was traumatized because they were consciously separated from their spiritual source. 

He explained that every Jew wanted nothing more than to be aligned with their core being. 

That all stress and anxiety stem from a distortion of that alignment. 

And once we achieve that alignment within ourselves, we will inevitably find a wider and deeper synthesis with others.

Yes, there are certainly many factors that help explain the causes of rising anxiety in our times.

Perhaps the underlying cause of all the disruption is a heightened spiritual sensitivity that is motivating this historic realignment. 


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