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What Makes an Athlete a Superstar?

I recently heard some wise words from Novak Djokovic. He said the difference between regular athletes and superstars is not in their ability to avoid defeat, but in their ability to recover quickly.

This is a profoundly insightful concept that is often overlooked.

Our evil impulse manipulates us to focus on the failures in our lives in a deceitful and cunning way. Whilst we are being reflective and even remorseful for any wrongs we have done in the past, it encourages us to indulge excessively in feeling bad.

As we are aware, emotions are subjective and require constant guidance. Identifying the motives behind our feelings is the key to providing this.

The decisive test to identify a positive feeling is by asking the following question, what is the added value in my life or someone else's life? What benefit comes as a result of the feelings I entertain.

Self-discipline is a necessary precondition for a successful and healthy lifestyle. To focus on actions that have a positive impact on yourself or others. Even when we aren't feeling it!

So next time you fall or fail, get up straightaway, focus on your next steps, and look ahead to how you can improve your game and the lives of others!


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