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Chanukah: The Way Of Light

How best would you describe the way you currently feel?

What are the underlying conditions which are most influencing your behavior?

We are living in a time where a deep sense of anxiety seems to be prevalent amongst many.

This feeling comes as a natural consequence of increasing uncertainty in everyday life.

As a result, we become cautious or even afraid. Perhaps even agitated or angry.

It’s always easier to blame someone, so that we can direct the negative energy elsewhere.

But at the core of the above-mentioned feelings we are experiencing, lies a fundamental ailment.

It is this condition which is responsible for all the negative energy in our system.

The mystics use darkness as a metaphor to describe this condition.

Like a black hole, it consumes everything in its vicinity. It does so through its powerful gravitational pull.

It behaves like it is the center of the universe, allowing nothing else to exist.

Light on the other hand, is the radiance of a source greater than itself.

Light does not pull inwards. It shines outwards. Light does not consume like darkness. On the contrary, it radiates.

This is similarly true with human beings.

To the degree that we are self-centered, we are allowing for negative energy to pervade our universe.

The reason we are anxious and afraid is because we have put our narrow interests before the greater good.

All that is needed is, for us to allow our inner light at the core of our being, to shine.

A pure light, so bright, that all darkness will fade, without any effort.

We can do so by simply radiating love and showing kindness to all those around us.

To do so purely and authentically.

Dedicated by Edward Misrahi in honor of his father's Yartzeit

Moshe Ben Rachamim


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