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Lech Lecha: The Road Less Traveled

Homo sapiens have a wide range of needs. All of its endeavours serve to fulfill them. Sometimes we succeed. Other times we are left frustrated.

Human beings are complex. We operate on many dimensions.

On the most basic level, we are biological animals. On a deeper level there is the world of emotions and intelligence.

But at the core of our existence we are spiritual in nature. Indeed, it is this subconscious force which is most powerful.

We live our lives prioritising our time and resources on fulfilling our biological needs. Nutrition for our emotional and intellectual wellbeing is secondary.

For most we are not even aware of our spiritual identity, let alone in our understanding of its nutritional diet.

It is this matter that G-d addresses when he speaks to Abraham for the first time.

As spiritual heir to the nations of the world, our forefather is empowered with a mission which sets history into motion.

“Go forth to you from your native land and from your father’s house to the land that I will show you”. (Genesis 12:1)

Our Chassidic Masters decode this cryptic message using a powerful insight.

In order to “go forth”, one must go “to you”. If we want to journey outwards, we must first go inwards.

At the beginning of history, Abraham single handedly illuminated a confused and decadent world.

He was able to do so by first embarking on a journey of self discovery. Only then was he able to shine that spiritual light outwardly.

Yes, it goes against the gravitational pull. We are all material beings. We are weighed down by so many external forces. Consequently, we align all else with those biological needs.

The timeless lesson we learn from the most influential person who ever lived, is that the exact opposite it true.

Life is healthy and meaningful only when it is aligned with our core identity and values.

It is on this journey which Abraham embarked. It is on this same path which his descendants follow his lead.


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