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The Question You Were Afraid To Ask

We all experience moments when random thoughts or questions pop into our heads.

Some are superficial, others seem to emerge from a deeper place.

In the current climate, where the world has been compelled to slow down, coupled with an uncertain future, questions of a more profound nature are challenging our rhythm.

Upon reflection however, this represents a unique opportunity.

So much of our lives are profoundly influenced by social pressures.

The way we behave, the friends we choose, the priorities we set, are all significantly shaped by others.

Even our dreams and aspirations are not truly our own.

We might pursue a particular career path to prove something to someone.

We are obsessed with financial success because of the need to overcome our personal insecurities.

We compromise on values which we inherently hold dear, so that we can gain social acceptance.

A question most prevalent in our times is, “what do I really want in life?”

How healthy is my work-life balance?

What is the end game?

How do I want to be remembered?

These are questions we had less time to ask in the past.

Or perhaps, were too afraid to do so.

One needs great courage to seriously consider these questions and their implications.

One must even be prepared to make some sacrifices.

But this is a small price to pay for one of the greatest gifts in life.

It is a gift called freedom.

It is when all components in our lives, all the faculties of our being, are in perfect alignment with our inner spirit.

It is otherwise called joy.

It is why the festival of “freedom” is also called the festival of “joy”.


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