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Vayeishev: It All Seems So Random And Inexplicable!

Sometimes in life there are no words to adequately describe our feelings or thoughts.

When a senseless act inspired by hate causes death to an innocent and beautiful soul, our response is that of shock, pain, and silence.

What words can be said to the father and mother of the victim? Are there any words for his siblings? Is there anything to say to so many friends, or to the countless people so profoundly touched by such a sensitive soul, who is no longer with us?

Nor are there any words to say to the hundreds of thousands of people, in Israel and beyond, who have been deeply saddened by such a despicable act.

Yet the world seems to carry on, with little or no remorse, nor any accountability.

It all seems so random and totally inexplicable.

In times like these we have no choice but to turn to ancient Jewish wisdom for inspiration and guidance.

King Solomon teaches us “And the living should take it to heart”.

We the living must change. Life can never be the same again.

The mystics explain that when a soul departs this earth the world becomes a darker place.

This is because, each soul is “A candle of G-d”, through which the divine light radiates in our world.

However, this need not be the case.

We the living, family, friends, and all those who have been touched by His story, can now absorb the light of His soul, so that his soul can shine even brighter.

Eli Kay loved life and lived it to the fullest. Above all he was outstandingly sensitive, without any calculations or inhibition. Eli was in touch with his soul and let it shine brightly.

We the living must absorb that light, by being even more sensitive, to all people, in all places, at all times.

This way Eli’s soul will no doubt radiate ever more brightly, until it reaches the furthest corners of the world.

Until such time when there will be no more darkness in the world, only the brightest of lights.

May the memory of Eliyahu David Ben Avraham Chaim be a blessing.


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