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How does if to feel to be left out? What’s it like to be “homeless”? Have you ever invited a “stranger” to your home? We are all aware of the “four sons” who feature prominently in the Haggadah which we as a people have been reciting on Passover for thousands of years. However as the Lubavitcher Rebbe points out there is a “fifth son”. The one who is missing from our Seder table. Unfortunately we live in times when so many “children” are not present. Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable at “home”. Or maybe they are indifferent! Perhaps they feel they are being “judged”. Or maybe they are ignorant through no fault of their own. They might be complacent as individuals on the out

Metzora: Can One Take The Exile Out Of The Jew?

Do you feel that your inner spirit is stifled? How much of your potential have you actually realised? What does it take to unleash our true potential? Human beings have been endowed by G-d with a wellspring of spiritual energy. We all have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things. However, there are many barriers that prevent the expression of our potential. The truly great barriers are internal. They are either of an emotional, mental or even a spiritual nature. Whether It be fear of failure or criticism. Or we are afraid that our success might cause hostility and envy in others. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence in our abilities to achieve great things. The Jewish people have endured

Tazria: Can We Criticize Others If We Don’t Love Them?

Is there a part of us that enjoys being critical of others? Do we feel good when we praise others? Which one do we spend more time doing? Our words like our actions are motivated by our feelings. We can only truly evaluate our behavior by critically examining our emotions. We do however need the courage to ask ourselves tough questions. We also need the humility to accept even the most ugly truths. It is only then that we can begin to trust the way we behave. Words can create. Words can also destroy. G-d created the world through a series of Divine utterances. These “letters” comprise the “spiritual DNA” which continues to give life to all existence. As G-d’s partners in realizing the f



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