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How does if to feel to be left out? What’s it like to be “homeless”? Have you ever invited a “stranger” to your home? We are all aware of the “four sons” who feature prominently in the Haggadah which we as a people have been reciting on Passover for thousands of years. However as the Lubavitcher Rebbe points out there is a “fifth son”. The one who is missing from our Seder table. Unfortunately we live in times when so many “children” are not present. Perhaps they don’t feel comfortable at “home”. Or maybe they are indifferent! Perhaps they feel they are being “judged”. Or maybe they are ignorant through no fault of their own. They might be complacent as individuals on the outside. But deep inside they yearn to reconnect with their people. It is therefore incumbent upon all of those present at the Seder to search for those lost Jews (throughout the year) and bring them back “home”. The definition of home being “no matter who they are they will be welcome”. Let us resolve to ensure that no Jew is forgotten. Let us do our best to ensure that no Jew feels alienated. Let all of us together ensure that each and every Jew feels a part of the community. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and meaningful Pesach. Yosef Vogel

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