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Parshat Teruma: Do You Miss Home?

Human beings crave for a space where we can express our true selves without inhibition or fear of consequence. We call this place home. Hence the phrase “there is no place like home”. As children, we grow up in a secure and nurturing environment where we are encouraged to be the best version of ourselves. As adults we try and recreate that atmosphere for our own children. It is also why as adults we miss those childhood years. We long for those good old times when we were pure and innocent with little pretension. The mystics explain that our yearning for a home emanates from our divine source which seeks the same. The reason G-d created our world was because he desired for a home amongst

Mishpatim: Are You Aware Of Your Current Debt Position?

We would all like to live our lives debt free. The stress and anxiety caused by owing money is often debilitating. Or as King Solomon wrote, “The borrower is a slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). No one wants to be in debt to others. But money is only one type of debt. There are many other forms. If we took some time to think about what others have done for us, it will change the way we live our lives. Let us begin with our parents. Start by just attempting to quantify the time they invested in us. Think about the effort and personal sacrifice it took to raise us. What about the hard earned money they spent on us. What about our good health? What about life itself? Being born. Living each

Yitro: How To Not Spoil The People We Love

Sometimes in life our intentions are good but the results are not. A prevalent example of this is being overly generous in an unhelpful way. We can all relate to the relationship between parents and children. Parents want what’s best for their children. Consequently, they provide a home imbued with love and a sense of security, and according to their means, they give their children modern material comforts, a good education and some financial assistance. This all sounds straightforward. So why so often do things go wrong? To be clear, the parent-child relationship is most complex. Indeed, Sigmund Freud believed that adult development was largely defined by the relationships that childr

Beshalach: Transcending Anxiety

The world has become gripped by another crisis. The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak could be on the verge of becoming a pandemic. The impact is already huge. It could get worse. Again, we are all feeling anxious. At his recent address in Davos, Yuval Harari warned of three existential threats facing humanity: nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption. Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain. We should expect a turbulent ride. As Jews we have certainly had our fair share of turbulence. Consequently, we have learned not only to adapt, but to capitalize on the challenges by which we are confronted. One of the most dramatic moments in our history took place soon aft



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