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Shavuot: Why The Torah?

At the core of every human being lies the quest to discover its purpose. This search for meaning is the underlying subconscious driver in our lives. Most of us seek quick solutions to alleviate this constant yearning for purpose. However, because they are inevitably limited in both scope and time, the search for meaning continues unabated. In order to satisfy this profound yearning we must first discover its origin, i.e. our core identity. As Jews we believe that the essence of our being is the soul, which is an actual part of G-d. This divine energy animates every part of our existence. It serves as our moral compass, enabling us to successfully navigate the tricky terrain that is an inevit

Bamidbar: The Secret To Collaboration

There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic will have a profound impact on our lives for years to come. The UN has warned that for the first time in four decades, human development, such as education, health and living standards will go into reverse. As Jews we have been empowered with the privilege and responsibility to be a “light onto the nations”. This historic role is ever more significant during times of profound disruption and confusion. Each and every one of us have a vital role to play in radiating this light of hope and opportunity to the world around us. As a result of lockdown and social distancing we have all been compelled to reduce the fast pace of our lifestyles. This no d

Behar-Bechukotai: Nothing In Life Is Coincidental

A major consequence of this pandemic is our exposure to the true status of our relationships. With less distraction available to us, and an imposed closer proximity to those with whom we live, we are being compelled to be more honest with others and ourselves. We have no choice but to learn how to get along. A fundamental truth in every healthy and sustainable relationship is that, what you give is what you get. If we make sacrifices for others, they will make sacrifices for us. The more we respect others the more they will respect us. The more we care about others the more they will care for us. It is simply a law of nature. Any attempt to manipulate this truth will be both superficial and

Emor: Acquiring Visibility In Times Of Confusion

A key word being used by many to describe the cause of our anxiety during these unsettling times is the lack of ‘visibility’. For we as human beings to live productive lives we need a healthy degree of foresight so we can plan ahead accordingly. The uniqueness of our times is due, not so much to the scale of the actual impact of this pandemic, but a result of the state of confusion that seems to have engulfed the world. Let’s stop for a moment and think about why we are so obsessed with ‘visibility’? Perhaps this comes as a result of wanting to feel in control of our game.  We feel insecure if anyone or anything changes our trajectory in ways we have not planned. In times like this we all se

Acharei-Kedoshim: We Are All Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

Some of our primary aspirations in life are to achieve a state of inner peace and a harmonious relationship wit h others. The main cause for all the internal tension and strife is that we are all highly complex creatures. Mankind is comprised of a wide range of character traits. Our hearts are constantly filled with many different emotions. Often they are competing to dominate the others who are pulling in a different direction. This dynamic is similar when we look at society at large. As our sages say, “No two minds are alike, just as no two faces are alike.” (Berachot 58a). Life’s main challenge is how to integrate the opposing forces that are ingrained in our nature into a harmonious whol



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