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Bo: Is The World Going Crazy?

The story is told of the first encounter between Masayoshi Son, founder of SoftBank Group and Adam Neumann, where Mr Son allegedly said that he appreciated that Mr Neumann was crazy but he thought he was not crazy enough. To be sure the word ‘crazy’ has many connotations, both negative and positive. The word is generally used to describe someone who is either ‘insane’, ‘unpredictable’ or nonconforming. Whatever it’s true meaning, it is certainly a word used more frequently today in describing dramatic events and the behavior of key players on the world stage. It seems like all the norms and conventions we once held sacred are being fundamentally challenged. Interestingly it was this ver

Va'eira - Theory And Practice: A Healthy Tension

A source of great tension in our lives is the divide between an idealistic state of being and the real world which we inhabit. Yogi Berra put it this way, “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice there is”. As Jews we experience this same struggle acutely. On the one hand we try to remain loyal to the values and traditions transmitted to us by our ancestors. At the same time, we feel it is vital to apply those ideas and laws in ways that fully appreciate the context of the times in which we live. This very dilemma is faced by Moses and Aaron as they prepare to engage the King of Egypt who has enslaved their people. The contrast couldn’t be greater. On

Shemot: What Are The Key Metrics In Life?

Personal growth and development is an aspiration we all share. As human beings, we are naturally inclined to want to achieve our fullest potential. There are a range of areas where this innate desire can find expression. Surely however, growth and maturity on a personal level should be a top priority. The question is, what are the metrics by which we measure that growth? A telling insight can be gained from this week’s Torah portion. In describing the emergence of Moses as leader of the Jewish people, the verse says the following: “Moses grew up and went out to his brethren and saw their burdens”. (Exodus 2:11) Moses was living in a world of luxury, insulated and protected from the co

Vayechi: Can You Be Purely Altruistic?

Why are we kind towards others? Are we being altruistic or are we really just thinking about ourselves? Are we able to do an act of kindness that is purely altruistic? Our human operating system is highly complex. There are countless levels in the conscious and subconscious worlds that comprise our being. Most of us have limited awareness or the courage needed to discover the true motives behind our behavior. According to the mystical tradition as explained by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Jew is comprised of two souls: The ‘Animal Soul’ and the ‘G-dly soul’. Both these souls are competing continuously to find expression in our consciousness and behavior. In simple terms this would

Vayigash: How To Reframe Your Narrative

Do you currently find yourself in a good place? Do you want to be where you are or have circumstances led you there? Do you blame anyone for having undermined your ability to achieve your true potential? One of the great handicaps of living our lives to the fullest is the question, “what if”? This is especially true when we are forced into a challenging situation due to negative forces beyond our control. This becomes even worse when this is perpetrated by people we know. Under these circumstances it becomes ever enticing to blame others. In effect we begin to cede control of our lives and we no longer attempt to be masters of our own destiny. There is however a remarkable antidot



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