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NEW YEAR MESSAGE: Are You A Spectator Or A Player?

A year has passed. A new year is upon us. Will anything change? Will things improve ? Or will they become worse? How do we break the deadlock? Can we ever escape our entrenched positions? What is our role and purpose as individuals? Is it really possible to change the world around us? The answer is a resounding YES! But first you are in need of a paradigm shift. A shift so powerful, it will transform your life. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself the question: Are you a spectator or are you a player? Were you born for a purpose? Or is it all just fun and games? Do you make a difference? Or can the world survive without you? You know the answer. For it is embedded deep inside

Ki Tovo: Overcoming Political Polarisation

Political polarization seems to be gaining momentum across the globe. The dialogue is becoming increasingly nasty and heated. The positions are becoming more entrenched. Israel is no different. Perhaps it is to an even greater extent. As the saying goes, “the Jews do it better”. The fault lines are certainly historic. Not much has changed. It is: Jew vs Arab; religious vs secular; rich vs poor. We are an ancient people who have returned to our historic land. Our progress so far has certainly been miraculous by all counts. Yet we are still in the process of rebuilding our country. We are still struggling to discover an equilibrium with which to deal with our fundamental differences. Again

Ki Teitzei: Dealing With the Unknown Unknowns

One night this week I was offered a ride home by a prominent fund manager. Upon asking him his views on the political and economic future, his response was clear and succinct: “I believe that there is slan explosive bomb about to descend that swill cause enormous disruption”. His only uncertainty was as to where and when.   I mention this only because one gets the sense that we are living in uncharted times. Old norms and conventions are fast dissipating. No new models have taken their place. Under such conditions it is inevitable for human beings to be more fearful. The former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said it well: “There are known knowns; there are known unkno

Shoftim: Who Is More In Touch With Reality, The Child Or The Adult?

What inhibits us from realising our full potential? What is it that prevents us from being true to ourselves? How can we free ourselves from the shackles which tie us down? There was a time in our lives when things were simple. We were young and innocent. We dreamed big. We were optimistic about the future. We believed that people were inherently good. We were taught that in the end all would be good. But then we discovered that things weren’t as simple as we thought. People weren’t that innocent and some behaved in a bad way. The older we grew and the more experienced we were, the less optimistic we became about the future. Who then knows more about life? Who’s more in touch with r



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