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Let's Go Crazy this New Year!

Millions of our people around the world will come together tonight to celebrate the Jewish New Year as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. It is at this moment that we as a people renew our bond with our creator and our commitment to be that shining light to the world around us. The mystics explain that each New Year G-d infuses the universe with a fresh and greater life force then ever before. This new injection of energy provides the impetus for hope and renewal to achieve greater things in our own lives as well. On a deeper level it is in fact man who evokes in G-d the desire to impart this new flow of life and energy into this world. Man does so by discovering within himself a greater potential that lies beneath the surface. Rosh Hashanah is therefore loaded with fresh unprecedented opportunity to improve our own lives and change the world around us. In the spirit of current events, let us resolve this year to act a little crazy, in a good way. Let us be less calculated in the kindness we show towards others. Let us show compassion to people even though they have not been kind towards us. Let us try to be as sensitive to others as we are to ourselves. Let us speak about others only when we have something to say good things about them. Let us listen more carefully to our friends when they speak to us. Let us make ourselves more available to our spouse and to our children. Let us be more grateful to all those who have shown kindness to us. Let us do what we believe is right notwithstanding the consequences. Let's not be afraid to make these resolutions. It's a New Year loaded with unprecedented blessings. Let's do our part. G-d is eagerly waiting to do his part.

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