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Pekudei: How To Achieve That Sublime State Of Joy?

How often do we experience genuine joy in our lives? Do we even know it’s true definition? How does one achieve that sublime state of joy? The modern digital age in which we live is full of conundrums. The most blatant being; why a generation brought up in such affluence is so unhappy? In 2016, suicide was the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10 and 34, in the USA. The Talmud sates “When Adar begins, one increases rejoicing” (Taanit 29a). Today on the first day of the month of Adar what steps can we take to be more joyous? The Chassidic Masters provide profound insight on this subject. Completely counterintuitive to modern thinking. The key word associated with “Joy” is “humility”. They are intrinsically related. As the verse states “The humble shall have increasing joy through G-d” (Isaiah 29:19). The mystics explain the word humility as the state of self-abnegation. It is against this backdrop that one can sense a meaning and purpose in life that transcends oneself. And to the degree that we align our interest with with a cause greater then ourselves can we achieve joy in our lives. Human beings operate on multi levels. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each of these dimensions of existence is, on the one hand a unique world, whilst at the same time interacting with the others. Each level has its own laws requiring a nutrition special to its needs. Our spiritual core has been imbued with its unique purpose. And to the degree that we align ourselves on all levels with this purpose, are we able to feed our souls with spiritual nutrition. This in turn peculates throughout our being invigorating us with optimal energy. We are then in a state of flow. We are in the “zone”. In other words, it is humility that allows us to discover our sense of purpose. And it is our dedication to a cause greater then ourselves that fills us with joy. Our purpose is to create “a home for G-d in this world”. An environment where our father in heaven feels at home amongst his children.

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