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Naso: Talk Less | Listen Carefully | Be Amazed!

The world is a classroom.

G-d is the teacher, we are his students.

He conveys the lesson in subtle form.

Each event to which we are exposed is embedded with a timely personal message.

Helping us to fulfil our purpose in life.

How many times a day do we check for messages on our WhatsApp? Email? Messenger? Can you imagine if we lived our lives trying to pick up messages from on high!

But how do we become more aware of these divine messages?

A few tips...

Talk less:

The more we talk the less we hear. We are all too preoccupied with our own narrative. Our hearts and minds are set in their ways. There is no space in our minds for alternative views. No place in our hearts for empathy for others.

Listen carefully:

We rush to judgment. We are too steeped in our comfort zones. We don’t want anyone to challenge the way we think or feel.

Stop. Be quiet. Observe intently everything going on around you. Listen carefully when people speak. Shut down your own personal thoughts and feelings when listening to someone. Don’t interrupt. Don’t respond. Just listen.

Discover lessons to apply:

Life’s about becoming a better person. To realise our full potential. To discover our purpose.

We have strengths which can be improved. We have weaknesses which can be corrected. We must fully appreciate both and be dedicated to better our game.

G-d is our coach and he is critiquing our performance. He does so because he cares deeply and knows we can do better. So we have to be constantly vigilant to discover those tips, conveyed in subtle form, which will help us realise our full potential.

Talk less. Listen carefully. And you will certainly discover timely lessons, bringing out the best in us, from the greatest coach of all.

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