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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Abraham’s Version

Prince William has challenged billionaire entrepreneurs to prioritize the saving of the earth over space tourism.

In his words, “Great brains and minds should be trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live".

He also warned about a rise in "climate anxiety" among younger generations.

Again, Jewish Wisdom has a view on this subject.

It all comes down to a simple question:

Does mankind exist to protect the planet?

Or do the planets exist to enable mankind to fulfil a higher purpose?

Mixing up cause with effect can have detrimental consequences.

So too, confusing the means with the ends can be a dangerous game.

Each and every human being is born into this world to fulfil his or her unique purpose.

On a macro level - we are here to reveal the oneness embedded in all reality.

On a more practical level, we can achieve this through kindness to others.

Abraham - ancestor to all mankind - introduced monotheism into this world.

He did so by being the embodiment of kindness to all human beings - irrespective of race, gender and nationality.

He personified diversity, equity and inclusion,” uninhibited by any agendas or personal interests.

Consequently, he must be considered one of the greatest influencers in history.

He made this impact only because his kindness was based on his conviction that there is an inherent unity in all existence.

The flip side of kindness is monotheism.

Only once we bring healing to mankind through kindness, will we be much better equipped to save the earth.

It’s all about getting the sequence right.


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