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Is Life a Journey Or a Destination?

The story of the Jewish people is fascinating and intriguing precisely because of its continuous migration. Throughout history, we have been forced to leave our homes and travel to foreign lands.

What would the Jewish people be like today if we had chosen to stay in the land of Israel?

Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. However, in order to keep moving, one needs direction.

Challenges are G-d's way of reminding us that we need to keep moving. If we are not in constant motion, we are not really alive.

Setting goals within our personal and professional lives are like destinations. They help challenge us to move beyond our comfort zones, thereby unleashing unrecognized potential.

Once we have achieved our targets the journey continues. One step closer to the ‘Promised Land.’

But what is the final destination? And what methods will allow us to reach that goal?

The Chassidic Masters share a profound insight on this subject. They ask a question on the verse “The following are the journeys of the children of Israel by which they left the land of Egypt”.

Why does the verse use the plural form "journeys" when it only took one journey to leave the "land of Egypt"?

They explain that every journey towards the Promised Land is achieved only by first liberating ourselves from “Egypt”, which in Hebrew means “narrow straits”. Because only when we break the forces that inhibit our natural inclination to grow, can we be assured that we are on the right track.

Today we are all being challenged in a momentous way. No doubt we have been endowed by G-d with the wisdom and courage to do what we inherently know is the right thing.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to recalibrate our lifestyles with the values that resonate in our inner conscience.

Not to be intimidated by popular cheap transient trends which are of no inherent value.

To choose the path aligned with the timeless journey of our people. No doubt this will lead us one step closer towards the promised land.


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