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Kislev 19: Recognizing The Sound Of Our Soul!

He helped us recognize the sound of our soul.

He enabled us to decipher its “code”. In its purest form it is saying: “Where are you in relation to fulfilling your purpose, the one for which you were created”. This inner voice is sometimes obscured, and even exploited by manipulative forces within. Consequently, we lose this inner compass. A vacuum is created as a result. A range of influences attempt to exploit this emptiness. We seek to gain self approval from others. We try to compete against the various popular barometers for success. We convince ourselves that a successful career or achieving financial security would alleviate the emptiness within. But as hard as we try we don’t succeed. It only gets worse… This is because nature abhors a vacuum. An empty space must be filled with something. Anything. We look for fulfilment on a biological level. Good food. Fine clothes. Travel Etc. The problem is that as long as these pursuits are not aligned with our inner voice, they will lack the nutritional value to satisfy it. Yet we can change our lives by beginning with the end. Each and every day ask yourself this question: “Where am I in relation to fulfilling my purpose, the one for which I was created” This mantra was coined by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose liberation from imprisonment in Tsarist Russia, we commemorate tomorrow (Kislev 19). It enabled him to discover his purpose in the midst of his individual struggles. No doubt it can serve as a beacon of light and inspiration to overcome our own.

Dedicated by Daniel French

In loving memory of his father Asher ben Chanoch


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