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Noach: A Global Moment Of Silence

This week billions of people across the globe were forced to take a timeout in communicating digitally, as the primary Social Media platforms shut down.

Yes, we see again the universal and immediate impact of one event in the lives of so many around the world.

No doubt, for many of us this served as a trigger to try and decipher a lesson being taught to us by higher forces.

The world seems to be an unstable place. Conventional wisdom is no longer reliable. Our visibility of the future is becoming more and more limited.

Hope for the future is dwindling. A recent survey suggests that most Americans expect life to get worse by 2050.

In 1983 the Lubavitcher Rebbe suggested that a “moment of silence,” at the start of each day, be adopted by the public school system in the USA.

Perhaps the world is now ready and subconsciously eager to embrace this idea.

We all believe that young children are pure and innocent, possessing a vivid imagination.

At the same time, it is paramount that they have guidance and a sense of purpose.

Imagine a world when a child is given their own space on a daily basis to listen to their own inner thoughts!

To experience a silent zone devoid of all the noise created by forces who are primarily self-interested.

What better way to allow for the purity and innocence of our children to shine through?

And yes, perhaps it is the children who will show us the way.

As it is written in the prophets “Behold I send to you Elijah the prophet…. and he shall turn the heart of the fathers through the children”.


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