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Parshat Terumah: Life’s A Game Of Hide And Seek

Why do children love playing hide and seek?

Look at their reaction each time they re-find someone, they thought was lost. It’s pure joy!

Friendship is the oxygen on which we depend in order to live a healthy life.

Scientists have proven it to be the single greatest factor behind longevity.

Yet, no genuine friendship is without its tests.

As we all know, life is a constant state of flux.

Like a ship on the high seas, there are forces beyond our control, which will inevitably disrupt our rhythm.

However, notwithstanding the possible setbacks in our relationships, there is great upside.

It is the joy of reunification!

Where a deeper and stronger relationship evolves as a result.

Additionally, the moments of perceived separation also enable the child to build his autonomy.

As we know, healthy relationships are built on our ability to also be independent.

Our relationship with G-d is predicated on these principles.

Life is a game of hide and seek, between ourselves and our creator.

He hides, our job is to find him.

We sometimes feel separated and alone. Yet there are moments and times when we find him.

It is these moments which make the search worthwhile.

There is also one more thing we should never forget. If we remember this, it will profoundly alter the game.

When a child plays hide and seek, notice, he sometimes covers his eyes.

For it is this that enables him to believe, that just as he cannot see other people, so too, others cannot see him.

In reality however, this is not the case.

For even though he cannot see others, others can see him.

So too with our father in heaven. Even though we sometimes cover our face, preventing ourselves from seeing him, he can always see us.

And He is constantly watching over us.


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