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Vayechi: The Gift Which Makes Us Human

Do you feel like you’re losing control of your life?

And with so little visibility, how can we plan for the future?

Is there any upside in the midst of this persistent uncertainty and volatility?

Is this the new normal?

Perhaps yes. Perhaps this represents an opportunity!

Human beings have been given a unique gift. In fact it is this gift which makes us human.

Each and every one of us owns this gift in equal measure. No one can take it away from us.

The name of the gift is: Freedom of choice.

We might not be able to control the environment or society in which we live.

Nor might we be able to manage the behavior of those who surround us.

We might not even be able to determine the exact outcome or timing of our efforts.

But at all times we remain in control of our own output.

Every action we take is a consequence of a choice we make.

No force in the world can dictate the words we speak. Again, this is determined by our individual choice.

Even the thoughts we entertain, both positive and negative, can be managed by our freedom to choose.

The reason why we have been divinely endowed with the gift of choice is because G-d in his infinite kindness, wants to share with us the greatest gift of all:


G-d is saying to every one of us “You are my partner in creation”.

I have given you the gift of life. I have also endowed you with the freedom to choose.

I know I can trust you to make the right choice!

I know that you alone can fix an imperfect world.

You can do so by doing justice where there is injustice. Being more sensitive, especially to those who are vulnerable. Introduce harmony where there is tension.

And perhaps, more than ever, now is the time!

For when we have limited visibility of the future, we are compelled to take more control of our lives in the present.

We can do so by making the right choices.

And when we do we will also find inner joy. Because deep down we know, that if we make the wrong choices, one day, we will be held accountable.

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