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Vayigash: The Greatest Story Ever Told

It is considered to be the greatest story ever told.

Favoritism, sibling rivalry, betrayal and envy, all serve to rip a family of such huge promise, apart.

Each time the story is read, we discover a deeper affinity with the narrative and its characters.

In truth it is our story. It is the story of mankind. “Immerse yourself in it, for everything is there”.

But what makes the story of Joseph and his brothers so compelling? Why does it continue to stand out so dramatically?

No doubt each person has their own unique take on why.

The Zohar has the following take:

No story has such contrast between the wicked behavior of one party and the kindness bestowed in response.

The brothers united in their envy, collaborate to purge Joseph from the family of our patriarchs.

They are willing to inflict any pain and suffering on their brother and father to achieve their desired goal.

Joseph is then again thrown into the ‘pit’ for the second time, falsely accused of committing adultery.

For twelve years he is confined to living a life of hardship and isolation for a crime he did not commit.

If ever a person could have justification for becoming angry or cynical, depressed or even suicidal, filled with vengeance, Joseph had every excuse to do so.

Yet not only does he not allow for any negative trait to take hold, but he remains pure and profoundly gracious.

He is sensitive to the plight of his fellow inmates.

He is astoundingly kind towards his brothers as he reveals to them his true identity.

“He bestowed kindness upon those who behaved wickedly towards him”.

But how? How was it possible for a human being to respond so graciously towards those who sought to destroy him?

Joseph possessed the greatest gift in life. Joseph had clarity of purpose. He was in touch with his ‘why’.

Once you are fully aligned with your ‘why’, all events, people and circumstances are there to help you achieve that vision.

Your ‘why’ is G-d’s reason for creating you in the first place. Everything that happens to you in this world is divinely engineered to assist you in realizing that vision.

All the forces out there are in full alignment with fulfilling the purpose for which you were created.


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