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Perfect Alignment Of Interests?

There are things in life we don’t enjoy, but can’t live without.


They are vital to our growth, perhaps even to our existence.


Words like:








As human beings we naturally strive for peaceful coexistence.


Most of us don’t like disruption in our lives. We are seeking an inner serenity.


Reality however seems to thrive on an inner tension.


At the core of this friction, lie the forces of chaos and order.


History has been a story of the attempt, to reconcile these seemingly polarizing forces.


At various stages in time, they manifest themselves in different guises.


It could be Capitalism vs. Socialism


Secularism vs. Religion


Or Materialism vs Spiritualism


The list is long, the tension continues, with no resolution in sight.


Yet there is good news!


There exists is a unifying force that transcends all the tension.


It is the infinity which exists at the core of our existence.


It is also easily accessible if we are prepared to dig deep.


It is the most subtle, yet most powerful force. Which when harnessed, has the ability to fuse all tensions.


It is called the perfect alignment of interests.


It all began with revelation at Mount Sinai, when heaven and earth met for the first time.

It is our responsibility to align those forces, by harnessing the infinity within us, which transcends both.

Let’s make heaven a place on earth!


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