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Yom Kippur: A Time Called Home

Do you feel like you’re lost? Can you even be lost without realising it? What are we searching for?

Life began a long time ago. It began in a place called home.

It started well. We felt like we belonged. We were loved and accepted. We were encouraged and respected.

We did venture out from time to time, but we always knew we could come home again.

As time went on, we traveled further away from home. Each time, losing our sense of direction a little more. Until we could not find our way back home.

Over time we began to forget that magic feeling of belonging. Where we were loved and accepted without reservation or inhibition.

The world around us seems indifferent, even hostile. Each individual for themselves. No one really cares, not about others, nor even themselves.

It’s a cold place. A lonely world.

This is the story of mankind. It is the story of our people.

Life began for all of us in that beautiful place called home. But then we were compelled to leave our comfort zones. To venture out into a tough unforgiving world. Where justice and fair play were flouted.

But then there is an oasis. A sacred moment in time and space for all to experience.

That day is Yom Kippur. The place is the ‘Holy Of Holies’. The invite is extended to each and every individual. The dress code is white. The colour of innocence.

All you have to do is enter the ‘zone’. Just you, no one else.

Be present. Let go of the past. Forgive those who have hurt you. Love unconditionally. Be kind to strangers. Be gracious to all.

Just surrender to the child within you, and this will lead you back home.

Don’t be afraid. You will certainly be embraced.

Perhaps we are living in History’s Neilah Moment. When there is less distraction and mediums. Where the setting is more private. When the connection and embrace are most private and intimate.

Let us seize the moment!


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