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Do you really care about your friends? Do you know what's really going on in their lives? Do you want to know? What about your spouse? Do you really listen to her or to him? Are you available when he or she really needs you? What about her or his dreams? Do you care to know? What about your children? What's really going in their minds and hearts? Do you think they really trust you? Do they really love you? How honest are you with them? What about your parents? Are you genuinely grateful for all that they have done for you? How often do you even think about this? Even if you did, is it possible to ever know. Why are we afraid to ask these questions? Is it because we're afraid to find out the truth? And why are we so afraid to find out? Recently I read a stunning metaphor on this subject taught by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe. He says, sometimes two people can be so close, yet so far. How is this possible? He explains, this happens if they are standing together, but they have their backs to each other. They could even be touching each other, only they are looking in completely different directions. This metaphor describes our relationship with G-d which runs parallel to the relationship we have with our fellow man. On the one hand we are so close to each other, yet at the same time we are so far. All we have to do is to turn around, face each other and look each other in the eyes. Don't blink, don't talk. And then.... something incredible starts to occur. We suddenly realize that by facing and looking intensely at each other we are in fact gazing into our deepest selves, into our subconscious. We see into ourselves like we have never seen before. And at the same time we are inviting those close to us to join us on this journey of self discovery. This is when and how two separate individuals begin to merge into one. This is trust. This is true friendship. But there is one condition that must be met before embarking on this voyage. It is "self-transcendence". As long as we are selfish we cannot truly care about others. There are no short cuts on this journey. The path is only for those who have selfless aspirations. So as we prepare ourselves for this awesome day, let us venture down the road of self discovery. Let's turn around and face all our family and friends. Let's be more open and honest with all those who are close to us. Let's not be afraid to listen very carefully to what they are saying, or not saying. Let's think about their needs at least as much as we think about ours. Less selfies, more selfless. This is the way we reconnect with ourselves. This is the only way to reconnect with our father in heaven.

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