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Kedoshim: Is There Any Part Of You That Is Holy?

Have you ever met a holy person? Are you able to explain its meaning? Is there any part of you that is holy?

An insight can be derived from marriage. In the Jewish tradition when a man wants to marry a women he asks her “to be consecrated to him”. In fact, the ceremony itself is called “Kiddushin” from the word “Kadosh” (holy).

A healthy union between a husband and wife is achieved when each one is wholly dedicated and committed to each other. When the values and vision of each spouse are totally aligned with the other.

This is the true definition of marriage. It is is also the meaning of the word “holy”.

The Jewish people have been invited and empowered by G-d to become holy. We can do so by aligning our interest and behaviour with our spiritual purpose.

This indeed is a long and arduous journey. But it’s reward is exhilarating!

All the stress and anxiety in our lives stem from our inner tensions and conflicts. We are all over the place. We haven’t got a clear sense of purpose. We’re not sure about our values. Against this backdrop, we end up succumbing to our short term interests whilst sacrificing our long term gain.

A cleaner and healthier strategy must surely be greater alignment of our behaviour, values and vision with our spiritual selves.

We achieve this by constantly weighing up our short term material gains versus longer-term spiritual fulfillment.

We do so by sacrificing our narrow selfish interest for the sake of aligning ourselves with a cause greater than ourselves.

In doing so, we will no doubt be healthier, happier and more fulfilled, over the long term.

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