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Bereishit: ‘Let’s Start At The Very Beginning’

Do you remember the song “Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”?

It sounds so simple. So fresh. Even compelling.

But not easy.

You see, we’ve lost our way. It’s so hard to retrace our steps back to the beginning.

By we must never stop trying.

The beginning is not just a concept in time. It represents the fountainhead of life. It is the embryonic state of all existence.

Most importantly, it provides us with an identity and a sense of purpose.

Only once we discover our ‘why,’ can we find our way in life.

It is all encapsulated in the very first word of the bible, “Bereishit” (In the beginning).

The story of creation is not intended as a historical narrative. Nor is the word “Bereishit” to be understood simply. It is a word that is loaded with meaning. Indeed, it encompasses the spiritual DNA of the universe and all its inhabitants.

It contains our mission and purpose in life for each and every moment that we are living.

It enables us to prioritise our time and resources accordingly. It offers clarity in confusing times.

Our challenge is to align every step we take with that inner purpose.

Put simply, our mission for which we were born is to partner with G-d in perfecting his creation. We do this by allowing the “light” within each and every one of us to shine.

G-d set this process in motion at the dawn of creation. It is for mankind - his partners - to complete his work.


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