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Metzora: The Art Of Navigating Transitions:

Jews no doubt are the masters of successfully navigating transitions.

Profound disruptions have characterized our rich but turbulent history.

Consequently we’ve had no choice but to learn the art of adaptation to sometimes radically new circumstances.

There is no doubt we are now currently experiencing a most profound transition.

It’s not just the wide range of universally disruptive events which are quite obviously the cause.

One gets the sense that at the source lies a much deeper and more powerful force which is at the source of the disruption.

The Rebbe, one of the greatest visionaries of our generation, both defined our times and also empowered our people with a sense of purpose and direction.

He described our times as a profound transition, from an exilic mentality, which is dominated by a narrow and short term self interest.

Towards a utopian period characterized by discovering greater alignment of interest between all mankind.

Needless to say this can only be achieved by humanity subscribing to a set of values which are both timeless and universal.

He also empowered a generation by inspiring them to be active players in this historic transition.

I’m addition, this self belief also provides a most vital ingredient in helping to successfully navigate the current disruption we are all currently experiencing.

It does so by keeping us constantly focused and optimistic on collectively realizing the ultimate purpose for which we were all created.

It infuses every moment, every encounter with clarity, direction and purpose, helping us successfully navigate the challenges we face at every turn.

Dedicated to the Lubavitcher Rebbe whose birthday we celebrate this Tuesday.


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