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Parshat Bo: A Picture In My Imagination Began To Take Shape

As children we were all endowed with a vivid imagination.

As we processed the stories we heard, we created visuals in our minds, enabling for a richer experience.

So too, a visionary is someone with the ability to vividly imagine the future.

A great leader requires a clarity of vision in order to inspire the people, with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Successful companies are all built on simple vision statements, allowing for full organizational alignment.

Healthy balanced individuals, most often have clear purpose and values, enabling them to achieve their goals.

Rarely, however, does a young child develop a vision, that continues to inspire him or her, throughout their entire adult life.

There are exceptions, however.

“From the day I went to school, and even before, a picture in my imagination - of the redemption of the Jewish people from exile - began to take shape”.

These few words provide a glimpse into the soul of one of greatest leaders of the modern era.

A life permeated with a pure and simple vision: A world with neither violence, nor hate. Only collaboration and mutual trust.

A life totally dedicated to implementing this historical vision, despite all odds!

A life spent empowering millions to discover their personal and unique mission, in realizing this universal vision.

A vision predicated on the principle: “The world is in fact a mirror of ourselves”.

Change yourself, one good deed at a time, and the world around you, will reflect that change.


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