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Weather Gone Wild

If life were like a voyage on the high seas, how would we describe the current weather conditions?

A greater challenge might be to attempt to offer any forecast.

How’s the visibility? What about gale warnings? Hight of waves? Movement of pressure systems?

We all seek security and tranquility. Our very lives revolve around its pursuit.

How then do we manage to sail the sea of life in these turbulent waters?

Again, we must first look back in order to look forward.

At the beginning of time Noah and his family had to deal with the great flood.

He was advised by G-d to “Go into the Ark”, which would ensure his protection.

Ark can also mean ‘word,’ referring to the wisdom found within the text of the Torah.

The message, then and now, is that we all need to enter that spiritual zone. It is the only way to secure our voyage on these turbulent seas.

Indeed, raging seas can destroy life. But it’s great power can also be harnessed to enhance life.

This is the very purpose of the unsettling predicament in which we find ourselves.

It is so that we can dig even deeper within us into that infinite reservoir of faith and wisdom.

This will unleash conviction in our purpose, clarity in our sense of direction and courage to go on the course.


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