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Rosh Ha-Shana: Are You Afraid Of Vulnerability?

What a year it has been!

Transition in the face of uncertainty has become the new normal.

We have all been profoundly challenged.

Is the world unraveling or is it becoming a better place?

How can we embrace the future?

You might recall a dramatic scene from a James Bond movie, where as a result of being chased down a mountain, he is forced to ski off a cliff. No doubt we all held our breath as Mr Bond was in a state of free fall for a considerable amount of time.

For many, events in the recent past have had a profound impact on our lives. No doubt there were times when we felt we were losing our bearings. We have all been compelled to make profound transitions in our lives.

At times we might have encountered what seems like an abyss in the midst of a transition. It was as if we were being forced into that state of free fall, with no landing place in sight. It is an extremely frightening experience.

But it is precisely at this moment of profound vulnerability that life truly begins. It is only in this space that we able to connect with ourselves and with others.

The key is to align ourselves with that inner voice of the child which is both innocent and pure. Just as the captain adjusts the sails to meet the strong winds, so must we surrender to those spiritual forces which are there to help us navigate the stormy seas.

The Hebrew word for this is Bitachon. In English it means; trust, confidence, security. It is in this vulnerable state that we can experience true tranquility.

As we embrace the New Year ahead, we have little choice but to align our sails with the winds which serve as G-d’s messengers.

In the words of our sages, “Make His will as though it were your will, so that He will make your will as though it were His will”.

May we and our loved ones all be inscribed in the Book of Life.


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