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Rosh Ha-Shana: Embracing Vulnerability

Are you feeling more vulnerable this year? Are you more exposed to forces beyond your control? Does anything make sense to you?

It’s like a thick cloud has descended upon us. Little visibility of the future. It’s hard to make a plan. It all seems surreal.

We’re supposed to come together this time of the year. To celebrate with our friends and family, with our people. Yet as if this was premeditated, precisely now, we are being compelled to be separate, alone.

What’s going on? What does G-d want from us? What’s his plan?

The mystics use a metaphor to describe these times. We are individual sparks seeking to return to our source of light. Like children who have become estranged from their parents, seeking to come home. Or as ‘digital man’ is desperate to reconnect with his humanity.

But in order to connect we need to feel vulnerable. One cannot become close to others if we don’t allow them to become close to us. To expose our fears and weaknesses. To need others, not just to be needed.

G-d certainly has now gained the attention of billions of people around the globe. We’re all in this together, or not.

Perhaps the message being conveyed to us by G-d is: I want to get closer to you. But I need you to move a little closer too. I acknowledge that I need you very much. But remember that you too, also need me.

Life is full of distractions which can get in the way of our relationships. Sometimes we are even actively creating alternative support systems. Anything, so as not to depend on someone else.

The quality of life is synonymous with the quality of our relationships.

We must accept and embrace our vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to need someone. It is the only way to live life in a meaningful way. To be intimate with others and discover yourself.

No doubt this year is different than all other years. Perhaps better. This year we are being offered a private audience with G-d. No one else in the room. No distractions, positive or negative.

Don’t be afraid to let go! All he seeks is to embrace you. Don’t resist.


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