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Tazria-Metzora: Highlighting The Strengths Of Others

The world is changing in a profound way. We are all being compelled to adapt to a ‘new normal’. The ramifications are huge and still playing out. The future has rarely been so uncertain.

Social distancing goes against our human nature. After all, we are ‘social animals.’ We all crave to connect with others, as the Talmud puts it succinctly, “Either friendship or death”. (Taanit 23a).

Community is a fundamental component in Jewish life. Many rituals and practices are limited when being observed alone. Spiritually, we attract infinitely greater divine energy when Jews come together in their masses.

The mystics go one step deeper. They teach us that “Whoever separates one from another it is considered as if he has affected a separation in you (G-d)”. For just like a father is torn apart inside when his children don’t get along, so too is G-d profoundly impacted when the Jewish people are divided.

The explanation is simple. The human biological system works in the same way as does its spiritual counterpart. The divine flow of energy into our bodies is dependent on a healthy spiritual cardiovascular system which is interconnected with all mankind. This allows for the spiritual nutrients and oxygen to be effectively transmitted to every organ and cell in the macro body. This comprises each and every individual.

Perhaps social distancing provides a unique opportunity for each and every one of us to appreciate the unique and vital role that other individuals play in our lives. Strangely, it is only when we are separate that we realise the void in our lives normally filled by others.

Each and every individual plays a unique and vital role in bringing healing to the world. The mere fact that we were born is G-d’s way of saying we matter. Our mission in life is to help people discover their unique purpose.

During these extraordinary times we should take the opportunity to discover and focus on the unique strengths of every individual we encounter. To highlight and praise that special trait when interacting with that person or when speaking with others.

In so doing we will recreate a harmonious spiritual cardiovascular system through which the infinite divine energy will flow uninhibitedly. This will in effect bring mental, emotional and physical healing to the entire world.

As we conclude in our prayers three times each day “Bless us our father, all of us as one”.

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