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Why Leadership Is In Crisis?

Your commandments grant me wisdom over my adversaries! (Psalms 119:98)

King David's wisdom goes deeper, suggesting that learning from one's enemies can lead to greater insight.

The recent surge in global antisemitism, sparked by events on October 7th, has deeply unsettled Jews worldwide. The escalation of hate, particularly evident on American campuses, has heightened the anxiety within the Jewish community.

Adding to the distress is the lack of decisive leadership, both within and outside our community. Our adversaries appear more organized and vocal, amplifying their impact despite their numbers.

Their straightforward narrative, whether true or false, resonates powerfully, especially among those unfamiliar with the conflict.

Unfortunately, most Jews lack a basic understanding of our history and millennial connection to the Land of Israel, leading to insecurity and self-doubt.

We cannot persuade others if we lack conviction ourselves.

Our survival over the millennia stems from our simple and clear faith in G-d as his ambassadors on earth and his gift to us of the Land of Israel. The secret of our immortality is in our being faith-centric. This in turn infuses every fiber of our existence.

Without conviction that is no clarity nor courage. No wonder there is no leadership! 

The world seeks an authentic message. Clear and simple. 

Yosef Vogel


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